Comparison of SFH - Ekoline 270

Ekoline 270
Budgeted costs for turnkey construction: 138 100 Eur
Budgeted costs for turnkey construction
Optimal orientation:
Composition of family:
Living space: 5
Developed area: 99.20 m2
Developed area with attached garage:
Developed area with two-car garage:
Converted space: 703.5 m2
Total useful space: 135.40 m2
Total living space: 88.10 m2
Roof ridge height: 8.210
Roof slope: 15°
Floorspace: * 135.40 m2

*you can get loan from State Housing Development Fund (ŠFRB) ŠFRB with up to 160 m2 floorspace of your family house

EKOLINE 270 a modern low energy income house, storeyed family house without basement suitable for family of 4 – 5-members | modern house designed to fully meet demanding requirements for comfortable living and energy saving | design results from principles of active use of solar energy – habitable rooms with large glazed areas are orientated to the south, sanitary facility with small windows is located on the north side of the object | design also counts with the placement of solar collectors on the roof of the parking shelter, eventually on the roof of the house | to the energy saving also contributes a small partition of the facades | protection of the habitable rooms from the south sun is provided by floor of the balcony and the overhang of the roof | day part is designed as an open space | location of the room on the ground floor allows good acoustic separation from day part of the house | if the orientation towards the cardinal points is provided, it is possible to profit from the large energy savings

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