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EUROLINE SLOVAKIA s.r.o., as the largest single-family home contractor in both Slovakia and the Czech Republic, invite you to advertise in our 2012 house catalogue..

Our House catalogue will contain 780 single-family home designs we will be producing ourselves, with 10 000 catalogues to be issued in January 2012. The catalogue will be distributed throughout Slovakia at newsstands operated by Mediaprint-Kapa Pressegrosso, a.s. or sold at our headquarters office and at our 40 sales representatives.

Exceptional interest by the construction community in our more than 1 500 designs annually create the fundamental impression of success and chiefly a rapid return of resources invested into advertising. 

We offer you five different promotional formats and alternatives for advertising in our catalogues, at contact addresses and with our mailing service.

Here you can read and download our order form for advertising in the 2012 Catalogue:

General commercial terms and conditions and technical parameters for advertising in the EUROLINE Slovakia s.r.o. 2010 House Catalogue.  

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We can also place your advertisement banner for 100 EUR/month. Any large 468x60pix (jpg, png, gif, swf) advertisement banner you supply will be placed on . The banner will be displayed on the lower left-hand side of the page. If you are interested in placing an advertisement banner on the EUROLINE Slovakia website, send your requirements to

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