Direct selection

Sales representatives

When selecting a design, you can get free advice at any of 40 locations


Changes in design plan

A design may only be changed with the consent of the designer, which is issued for already purchased or ordered design documentation. In this case, it is possible to have the change made and authorized for those activities authorized by the building engineer or architect. At our Company, these are our sales representatives or our partners – design engineers .
The designer’s consent (expressed for planning changes is issued at no charge.
EUROLINE Slovakia s.r.o. reserves the right not to issue a designer’s consent to changes when they do not meet or they violate technical standards, legislation or in any other way are in conflict with technical construction or architectural drafts produced by EUROLINE Slovakia s.r.o.
Another possibility is to order an individually designed single-family house of your dreams. When making such a selection, it is necessary to count on a longer delivery time for the design and to take individual wishes and investment into account. But the client, having ordered such an alternative design, receives the main benefit of “seeing their vision come to life”.
If the thought of designing your own home under the supervision of our design engineers interests you, contact us.
In the case where you have already selected a home design from the catalogue, but you need to adjust something such as crossbeams or doors, we can recommend you procedures or suggest possible adjustments in the design. Any design adjustments and valuation can be discussed at our headquarters or at selected representatives.
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