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Feasibility study

Projektová štúdia. If you still need to obtain additional data for choosing a single-family home before purchasing design documentation, you can order a "Feasibility Study".
A feasibility study includes:
  • Initial home contractor;
  • Construction site;
  • Accompanying and technical report;
  • Individual 1:100 scale floor plan drawings;
  • 1:200 scale views of the single-family home;
  • Supports for proper rendering of the site layout;
  • 1:200 scale floor plan with outlets to utility networks from the home;
  • Demands for electricity, water, annual gas consumption, approximate budget, sample marking out of the house on the parcel, etc.
A feasibility study saves you time and you can utilize it to mark out the house and handle any land use decisions (whenever the building commission insists on a separate land use decision). In the case where you file an application for related land use decisions and construction permits, the building commission will ask us for complete design documentation.
Design documentation can also be ordered and purchased separately (there is no requirement to purchase a catalogued design).
A feasibility study can be purchased directly at our Company’s headquarters or at our sales representatives or you can order it “cash on delivery” by filling in the online form on our website or ordering through a letter, e-mail, fax, or over the telephone.
The price of a feasibility study for one type of single-family home is 6€ (180.76 SKK) when you personally come to our headquarters) + postage for delivery through the post.
When you order personally at our Company, you receive the feasibility study immediately, for other orders within 48 hours.
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