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EUROLINE SLOVAKIA s.r.o. has prepared computer animation in video for recommended single-family homes. The animation is recorded on DVD. One of the questions clients ask most often is where these homes stand and whether they can see them. A rule at our Company is to be discrete with out customers and not to annoy them by having strangers - though potential customers - visit them in their home. It is only understandable that a home builder makes such a demanding investment as building a single-family house in these times without arguing, certainly, that they want to know as much information as possible about it or to see it. Unfortunately, it is not within our ability to build several single-family houses for our potential clients to use in order to have a better vision. With today’s computer technology and software, however, we are able to create a fair animation of an entire home so that a customer can obtain a perfect image of both the exterior and interior of a home. Our computer animation lets you go around the whole house and, step inside, where you can walk through the entire house while viewing suggested interior furnishings designed by top architects. Once you have taken a look at the animation, you will get a perfect idea about the entire house and your decision will be easier to make.

Available single-family home animation
Aktuál 23
Bungalov 75
Dominant 120
Dominant 124
Dominant 128
Junior 049
Junior 054
Klasik 103
Klasik 106
Klasik 108
Klasik 112
Klasik 127
Praktik 064
Praktik 066
Praktik 078
Praktik 081
Praktik 084
Premier 107
You can view computer animation of selected homes on our website or we can send you the most common format DVD where you only pay for postage (no charge for packing).
Orders are filled within 14 days of a written order being sent. A single DVD contains animation of 18 single-family homes.
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