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Optimal 537

Delivery time: 3 months
Ing. arch. Miroslava Kovačičová
Ing. arch. Miroslava Kovačičová
Dobrý deň, volám sa Ing. arch. Miroslava Kovačičová a rada zodpoviem všetky Vaše otázky týkajúce sa domu Optimal 537. Ak máte záujem o podrobné informácie, prípadne úpravu projektu, neváhajte ma kontaktovať.
Bezplatná linka: 0800 135 955 ,
Single-family house - Optimal 537
Budgeted costs for turnkey construction:
134 700 €
Budget price of building materials:
74 100 €
Price implementation project:
All prices include VAT
Monitoring of project cost:
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Characteristics Parameters
  • OPTIMAL 537

  • Representing trends of modern house of middle-sized category
  • The layout is suitably divided to day and night part of the family house
  • Ground floor is made of living room with fireplace, dining room and kitchen follow-up terrace
  • Sitting fireplace in the middle of layout allows heating of whole object
  • Entrance hall is characterized by sufficient of storage space
  • Grand-scale attic provides comfort living for 5-6 member household
  • Part of a house is built-in garage
  • After small technical adjustments it is possible connect garage with house
  • Object solution allows setting the family house as close as it is possible to the border of the parcel, eventually is possible build this house as a duplex, or attached built-up area
  • Combination of construction with great thermo-technical abilities and low-temperature floor heating is condition to minimalize energy to heating
Living space:
Developed area:
109,30 m2
Developed area with attached garage:
Developed area with two-car garage:
Developed area with shelter:
Converted space:
686,40 m3
Total useful space:
127 m2
Total living space:
82,40 m2
Energy efficiency:
Roof ridge height:
Roof slope:
Floor space:
127 m2
Heating method:
floor heating
gas boiler / electric boiler
Optimal entry orientation:0
Composition of family:222

Views of house and floor plans

Design - Optimal 537Design - Optimal 537Design - Optimal 537Design - Optimal 537Design - Optimal 537Design - Optimal 537

Euroline Applications - Optimal 537

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Roman / 03.10.2012 / 12:52:33 / Little starLittle starLittle starLittle starLittle star Čo ja viem, zvnútra fajn, no zvonku absolútne nedoriešený. Zovňajšok by som riešil modernejšie, takto vyzerá taký nemasný-neslaný, ani tradičný ani modrený.
tw / 21.04.2010 / 00:28:14 / Little starLittle starLittle starLittle starLittle star uplne zrusit balkony a byl by dokonalej, a o fous levnejsi:)
Tuki / 25.09.2009 / 00:29:32 / Little starLittle starLittle starLittle starLittle star Fajn s primorskym nadychom
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