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Praktik 619

Delivery time: 3 months
Ing. arch. Miroslava Kovačičová
Ing. arch. Miroslava Kovačičová
Dobrý deň, volám sa Ing. arch. Miroslava Kovačičová a rada zodpoviem všetky Vaše otázky týkajúce sa domu Praktik 619. Ak máte záujem o podrobné informácie, prípadne úpravu projektu, neváhajte ma kontaktovať.
Bezplatná linka: 0800 135 955 ,
Single-family house - Praktik 619
Budgeted costs for turnkey construction:
147 000 €
Budget price of building materials:
80 900 €
Price implementation project:
All prices include VAT
Monitoring of project cost:
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Characteristics Parameters
  • PRAKTIK 619 comfort 5-rooms family house of middle-sized category meet demands for housing 5-7-member family

  • Fireplace dominated to middle part of the layout allows direct heating rooms around
  • Large kitchen is optically and functionally linked with living room
  • Room on ground floor is suitable for disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility, like guest room, eventually as a study room
  • Side walls without windows allows setting the family house as close as it is possible to the border of the parcel
  • Contact insulation system hr, 5 cm
  • Project can be ordered with an alternative of built out garage, marked by dashed line (in this case it is necessary to mark out the name of the house „PRAKTIK 619 S GARÁŽOU” in the order)
Living space:
Developed area:
95,60 m2
Developed area with attached garage:
119,30 m2
Developed area with two-car garage:
Developed area with shelter:
Converted space:
749 m3
Total useful space:
176,40 m2
Total living space:
100,90 m2
Energy efficiency:
Roof ridge height:
Roof slope:
Floor space:
176,40 m2
Heating method:
gas boiler / electric boiler
Optimal entry orientation:111
Composition of family:232

Views of house and floor plans

Design - Praktik 619Design - Praktik 619Design - Praktik 619Design - Praktik 619Design - Praktik 619Design - Praktik 619
Design - Praktik 619

Euroline Applications - Praktik 619

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