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This section brings you links to the websites of various companies in the services area and suppliers of construction products, who will absolutley respond to a visit. When constructing a home, you can learn to use the internet as the most extensive source of information and e-mail as the quickest way to communicate with potential contractors. Today, you can certainly say that what is not on the web doesn’t exist!!! - full text and picture locator
Adobe Reader - download - construction server - E-shop for construction material - financial portal - roofing material - roofing material - skylights
softvér na mieru - softer na mieru, weby na mieru - extensive website on energy savings - brick material - brick material - top chimney systems - bathtubs, baths, showers - garage doors, safety bars - electrical floor heating - top central heating technology - central heating technology - plastic products - concrete products - concrete sidewalks - wire and wood fences - plastic windows - thermal insulation and soundproofing materials - plaster mixes - plaster mixes - electrical installation equipment - sewage tanks - free-standing stairs, wooden stairways and railings - gardening catalogue - home electrical engineering
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