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Energy performance certificate

Energy Performance of Buildings

From 1.1.2008 entered into force the obligation of energy certification of buildings under the Act 555/2005 Coll The Buildings and amending certain laws and MDVaRR SR Decree 364/2012 laying down details of the calculation of energy performance of buildings and content of the energy certificate.

Energy certification is intended to improve the energy performance of buildings in order to optimize the internal space in buildings and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. To calculate the energy performance of buildings, according to that decree are used three assessments of energy efficiency. You as the client regarding in particular the following two assessments.

  • Project evaluation. The client requesting the building permit must be submitted together with the project to the building permit and project evaluation in which is the calculation of the energy performance of buildings. The project assessment identifies a need for energy in the building, which is calculated according to the design documentation and design parameters. Project evaluation is part of the documentation for each building permit issued by Euroline Slovakia. In price is included documentation.
  • Energy Certificate. VIf completing the new building owner is required to submit a building energy certification as an attachment to occupancy permit to conduct, which is determined by the need for energy in the building with the use of standardized data on the external and internal environment and the actual use of building materials and technical equipment. Energy Certificate classified into building energy classes from A to G, while Class A refers to the highest quality grade. According to § 6, paragraph 6 of Decree No. 364/2012 MDVaRR SR houses meet minimum energy performance requirements, if the calculated value of primary energy per year is less than or equal to 160 kWh/m2 of total floor area. Energy Certificate can be ordered from us for a discounted price.
Preukaz energetickej náročnosti

The energy certificate is valid for 10 years and the owner is obliged to keep the entire duration. Alternatively, give the certificate when selling to a new owner, make a copy of the certificate when rents, to ensure regular inspection of boilers and air conditioning system, heat control and provide hydraulic balancing of heating systems.

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